The Snowmaiden


A Rimsky-Korsakov masterpiece, The Snowmaiden was his own favourite opera, and the fruit of a mature talent rather than juvenilia or a bottom-drawer curiosity. The intensity of its Russian character have heretofore discouraged production outside Russia but we are far too brave to let that deter us!

The opera is boisterous, raunchy and quirky - including a Chorus of Birds and a Chorus of Flowers, among a myriad of Russian peasantry and nobility, the odd scarecrow, wood-goblins, blind zither-players and many more colourful characters. We present a pagan, pre-Christian world where nature is the real ruler.

This is a world premiere of a new translation, making the piece more accessible to a wider audience.



Role Voice type Played by
Snyegurochka Soprano Vanessa Bowers
Kupava Soprano Katerina Mina
Mizgir Baritone Adam Green
Tsar Berendyi Tenor Sheridan Edward
Vyesna-Krasna/Lyel Mezzo-Soprano Martyna Kasprzyk
Moroz (Grandfather Frost) Bass Christopher Foster
Bobyl Bakula Tenor Andrew Doll
Bobylikha Mezzo-Soprano Rachael Twyford
Bermyata Bass Edward Cottell
First Herald Bass Joseph Dodd
Second Herald Tenor James Russen
Page Mezzo-Soprano Polly Hutchinson
Boggart Bass Christopher Jeanes
Maslenitsa Baritone Oliver Jones